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La Pine Restore Hires New Manager

By Sandy Jones – Golden Eagle Staff Writer

New ReStore Manager Kristi McCulloch, center, with her staff and volunteers.


New La Pine ReStore Manager Kristi McCulloch took charge on February 13, 2017. Her job is to oversee and manage the store and the employees. She will also be in charge of public relations, helping the community, and changing the store in many ways.

Kristi’s responsibilities also include getting involved in community activities, getting the word out, and creating a new perspective in the public eye for the La Pine ReStore. She plans to rebuild the store’s reputation by creating a new attitude and culture. She states that she feels confident about cleaning up the store and making it a presentable place to shop. She is using the Bend ReStore as a success model for many of her new ideas and changes. One change is to implement a new customer refund policy for La Pine’s ReStore. She will be spending time at the Bend ReStore to learn more ways to improve the La Pine Restore.

Kristi’s priority is customer satisfaction. She looks forward to helping with Habitat for Humanity building projects plus helping businesses. She intends to take part in all  the Chamber events. She also wants to encourage people to volunteer and get involved with the ReStore.  She is very proud to be there and thinks it is a great organization.  She is very excited to turn the store around and make the community proud.

Another top priority of hers is to give back to the community. She will be helping the schools with their needs. For example, she would like to create a program where students make items and sell them in the store.  Also, she would like the Habitat Homes to ultimately be funded by the ReStore. Her long term goal and  top priority is to get the store’s financials up so it can fund their own Habitat Home building projects.

Kristi moved to La Pine in June 2016 from Beaver Creek in Clackamas County. In La Pine. She worked at Drug Mart as a clerk and managed the front end, ordering merchandise and setting up the store and displays. Her father, Steve Schroeder, is a longtime resident and business owner in La Pine. He is the former owner of Get R Dumped. Kristi spent six years home schooling her children and furthered her own education by working on her Associates degree.  She is pursuing a bachelors degree in accounting. She loves numbers and statistics. She says she is pretty well rounded and is a Beta Kappa Sorority sister. She was a good teacher for her children.

Because Kristi’s passion is accounting, she likes her management job because it is all about the numbers. Kristi is very excited to bring the best of what the ReStore can give to the community.  Kristi wants to restore the good reputation of the ReStore. As she puts it, “Don’t give up on us.”

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