Parade & Chili Feed Has Become an Annual Tradition

By Staff Writer

“We like to say that we’re having a party. The Veterans’ Day celebration is what our community is about,” prefaced Kay Nelson, organizer-in-chief of activities that honor La Pine’s many men and women who have served their country.

Modest as well as candid, Nelson — in the midst of preparations for the town’s annual parade and chili feed – asserted that “we don’t know how to do what we’re doing, but it all works out.”

It has been said that per capita, La Pine has more veterans than any other city in Oregon. Of the 16,000 veterans in Deschutes County, at least 900 who live in La Pine belong to veterans’ organizations, according to ex-mayor Ken Mulenex.

So when it comes to Veterans’ Day, Nelson and her fellow volunteers promise that not even intemperate weather will get in their way. “When it rained and snowed, our veterans didn’t stop fighting,” they emphasized.

“What was initially supposed to just be a parade, has evolved into a bazaar,” Nelson observed. Diane Hernandez recalled the origins. ”The wives of men belonging to Band of Brothers (who meet every Wednesday at Gordy’s Truck Stop) started to have breakfast at the same time and place. At first, there were 12 of us, and we named our group ‘Band of Sisters.’

“Kay mentioned that it would be cool if we had a parade here, which was subsequently organized with our help,” she continued. Added Nelson, “things started to snowball –then we decided we should also feed the participants. Our mainstays have always been chili and cornbread.”

The first year’s activities honored World War II veterans. The second year was a tribute to Korean veterans and those who served in Vietnam. The 2017 theme is “Women in Service.”

“A lot of planning is involved,” Hernandez commented, “including efforts to get out flyers and obtain the necessary permits from City Hall, and preparing for the chili feed. In 2015, we served 300 people, and last year, despite setting up 45 tables, we didn’t have room for everyone.”

“Three hundred and fifty boxes of cookies decorated with a flag on top will be on the tables,” noted Nelson. “And we’ll be raffling off a wooden flag and a lighthouse made by master carver Dan Henery to raise money for veteran-based activities.”

Additional highlights include an “empty chair ceremony honoring fallen veterans, which is really emotional,” she said. “The La Pine Community Arts Choir will sing several patriotic songs, and we’re delighted that the ‘Gilchrist Girls’ are returning. This group of young women provide invaluable assistance, so much so that last year, we presented them with a thank-you plaque and $250 for their athletic department. They assured us that ‘Gilchrist will change, but 20 years from now, our girls will still be serving veterans.’

“We’re a veterans’ community,” Nelson claimed, adding that “this is where I want to be if things go bad.”

Medicare Annual Open Enrollment (AOE)
October 15th – December 7th

By Cheri Martinen, Contributing Writer

Medicare Annual Open Enrollment (AOE) starts October 15th and ends December 7th.  During this time those currently on Medicare have a time to review their Medicare Advantage Coverage and Part D Prescription Drug Coverage.  Plans change year to year and it is always a good idea to review your current plan and make changes if necessary.

3 Reasons Why You Might Change Your Medicare Advantage Policy?

1. Better price.  Insurance companies re-look at their rates every year and if they feel they need to adjust them up or down depending on their gains or losses they do.

2. Avoid out of network over charges.  Did the doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. sign that new contract with your insurer?  Insurance companies negotiate the contracts with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and dentists on a regular basis.  Many times, the contract may be changed or discontinued altogether.  Either way you could end up spending more to see your regular doctor if he or she is now out of your network.  The best way you can check if you doctor is still in the network with your insurer is to call the insurer.  Often the provider guides found online and specially printed copies are not current.  Also often times the doctors have no idea which insurer’s they are contracted with, because they sign several contracts with several different insurers.

3. Your drugs may no longer be covered under your plan.  As new drugs are added to the market, insurance providers update and change which drugs they will cover.  If you are taking a new drug or feel you are paying too much for a prescription now is the time to review and make changes.  How can you find out?  Start by going to the online directory for drugs they cover.  If you do not see your drug listed, call your insurer.

Why Don’t Seniors Save Money On Their Medicare Advantage Policy?

1. Too many choices.  Most will say they like to have all the choices because they feel it gives them options to get the right fit for them.  But the truth is that often people just do not want to take the time to do the research.  In fact, only about 12% of seniors take the time to compare their current coverage to other products every year and save money.

2. Afraid to lose coverage they need.  Medicare Advantage plans have regulations from the government to guarantee coverage for a wide range of medical and prescription drug expenses.

3. They would prefer to work with a trusted advisor.  No problem– at least for Bancorp Insurance.  Our Medicare Specialists are well trained and have a combined 30-year experience working with Medicare.

Give us a call 800-452-6826.  We will answer any questions you may have about Medicare and your current Medicare Coverage.  Be in the 12% that save money and keep their coverage current.  We are open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.  For accommodations of persons with special needs call 541-536-1726 or toll free 1-800-452-6826.  TTY call 711.

Integrity Auto Services has Moved

By Jeremy Johnson, Owner

Integrity Auto Services is growing! If you’ve been by our old shop location lately or tried to call, you’ve likely seen the lines of cars and trucks and our team doing their darndest to keep up! Over the last year and a half at our current location by Gordy’s truck stop, we have maxed out the potential of our shop space and need to stretch out a bit. As a result, I leased Stan Russell’s facility and shop next to the railroad tracks on Finley Butte Road.

Besides just letting the community know about our move (so you can find us), I want to thank our customers for their continued support. For those of you that don’t know us – allow me to introduce you to Integrity Auto Services.

Earlier in my career as a technician, I worked my way up the ranks in automotive repair as a lead technician in both dealership and independent shops. It was my purpose to use the knowledge and skill I gained to offer quality service and provide trustworthy direction to the customers. This creed has served me well over the years.

I tried to do this while working other places, by taking on apprentices, helping build teams and systems to run them by. However, I kept running into a wall. What I found was, if everyone on the team didn’t share a common set of values, we couldn’t keep the business moving in the same direction. It was clear that if I wanted to realize my vision, I would need to start my own shop.

Thus, the creation of Integrity Auto Services! We have been in business since January 2014. This shop is my attempt to pour automotive skill, ethics, wisdom, experience, knowledge and business sense all into one pot and cook up a resource our community can rely on. This has been my mission for over twenty years.

However, I found that though I could do the best job possible, give my customers the best value, I can only do this and fix so many cars in a day without the right technicians, proper facilities and equipment. We knew we had to grow to help even more people.

What I love about Integrity Auto Services is our customers can rest easy knowing we will treat them right and stand behind our work. Our name is “Integrity” for a reason. It is the standard by which we judge ourselves and binds use together us a team as we deliver quality service to our customers.

As a company, we are confident that with the new space we can continue to grow. We are grateful for the opportunity La Pine has given us and look forward to what the future will bring. I would like to invite the community to see our new facility and join us for a Grand Opening Celebration on Friday, November 17th from 4:00 to 8:00 pm. We will be offering tours of the new shop and have food, refreshments and prizes.