Editorial Policy

The Newberry Eagle (TNE) welcomes your articles, stories, letters to the editor, photographs and story ideas. Stories and articles shall be 500 words or less. Letters to the Editor shall be 250 words or less (unless additional length is pre-approved prior to 5:00 pm on date of deadline). Digital photos must be large format (300 dpi at least). Upload to www.NewberryEagle.Com

Please note: Submissions may be edited for length, clarity, content, good taste and libel. Submissions are not guaranteed to be published. Unsigned submissions with no contact information, or submissions addressed to third parties, will not be published. For more information, contact TNE General Manager at info@newberryeagle.com

Publication in The Newberry Eagle does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Board of Directors. The content of this newspaper may not be reprinted or posted without the express written permission from the publisher.

The Newberry Eagle Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers look forward to your reading and contributing to The Newberry Eagle.

The Newberry Eagle Advertising Policy

The Newberry Eagle newspaper, a non-profit public benefit entity, will not be held responsible for errors that are discovered after printing unless they substantially damage the message being conveyed, and then, only to the extent of the space involved where the error occurs. Please read your ad the first day of publication and report any errors promptly. This paper shall not be held responsible for any errors after the first month’s publication. Liability shall not exceed the cost of that portion of space occupied by such error. No position guarantees are given. The publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors or for omission of copy. Deadlines for cancellation are identical to placement deadlines. All ads are subject to approval by the General Manager of The Newberry Eagle who reserves the right to edit or reject or cancel any ad even if The Newberry Eagle has published the same ad in the past. The Newberry Eagle cannot be held responsible for any adverse incident, or, crimes committed, in relationship to any information contained therein, and/or, to the sale or purchase of any item or service in this publication. Any opinions expressed in The Newberry Eagle are not necessarily those of The Newberry Eagle, its staff, management or Board of Directors. All ads designed or commissioned by The Newberry Eagle or articles appearing therein, become the property of The Newberry Eagle, excepting articles by permission of use. Any reproduction or use of these ads or articles, in piece or their entirety, in any way is prohibited without prior consent of General Manager of The Newberry Eagle.

Article & Advertising
Submission Due Dates & Information

All submissions, including camera ready ads, articles, Letters to the Editor, photographs and calendar events must be submitted to The Newberry Eagle on or before 21st of each month. Please upload directly to our website at www.NewberryEagle.com. Click button:  “Submit articles & ads.”

Acceptable file formats for Print Ready Ads: CMYK high resolution pdfs or tifs must be 300 dpi or larger. For Articles: submit written text in a Word doc, text, or rft file. Photos must be at least 300 dpi. DO NOT submit word documents with photos in them. Upload photos separately. Pdf files for articles with photos may be submitted for view and placement. Submit captions for photos in the content/notes or in a word doc, text, or rft file.

For information on advertising rates, ad sizes or other questions, please call or email Theresa Hane, Advertising & Sales.

Call  Theresa Hane, Sales Representative
at 503-910-0284 to order Advertising or for more information.

Or email her at: sales@NewberryEagle.com.